Being a member of the Student Chapter Ulm has many benefits. To get this honor, you just need to fill out the form attached. Thereby you will be recognized as a member of our Student Chapter and will be added to our mailing list. Please use your “” or “” mail address, so that we can verify that you are part of one of these institutions.

Since we are a simultaneous Student Chapter of GAMM and SIAM, you can become a member of either one, but ideally of both of these institutions.

For the GAMM membership we will forward your contact data and you will automatically become a student member of the GAMM (Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik). The best news for you: the membership is free of charge for the first three years.

To become a student member of the SIAM you will need to sign up yourself here. Just select the free undergraduate or graduate (whichever applies to you) student tier and register. During the process make sure to choose the Ulm Student Chapter from the list. Even better news than concerning the GAMM: as a member of the Student Chapter you are eligible to a free SIAM membership as long as you are a student – undergraduate or PhD.