Beeing Member of the Gamm Student Chapter Ulm has many benefits. To get this honor, a membership in the official GAMM e.V. is required.

Therefore fill out the application formular on:

In the field ” Bemerkung / comments ” type, that you are part of the “GAMM Nachwuchsgruppe Ulm”.
As you are probably a student, select the ” 20,00€ -Student member ” in “Kategorie / category”.
Due to the fact that your first 3 years in the Student Chapter are free of charge, you do not have to fill out the Bankaccount-documents sent to you at first!

Last but not least, fill out the form attached. Thereby you will be recognized as a member of our student chapter and will be added to our mail-list. Please use your “uni-ulm” or “hs-ulm” mail address, so that we can verify, that you are part of one institution!